Have you ever been to a Murder Mystery Theater before? A dinner theater or party? Perhaps it was at a local restaurant or on a cruise. I bet we can guess how it went…. A troupe of actors come out and perform in a “detective trope” story. Basically, a cop, a detective, some suspects (rich couple, floozy mistress, etc.) and a victim of course. All usually dressed like they tripped out of the 1950’s. Eighty percent of the time you don’t event look for clues. IT IS A PLAY.

Ghost-Hand-249x300-249x300Vince Wilson’s Ghosts and Murder Mysteries lets you look for clues and someone (sometimes someones) will solve the mystery! He uses illusions and special effects combined with original professional props to customize the mysteries in ways never before seen! We even have a hypnotist to really add to the show! How phenomenal is that?

Your Murder Mystery will be like none other!

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