The TItanic Connection: Vince will help you solve the mysterious deaths of 5 people who managed to survive the Titanic disaster only to die later that year!

Murder in Noir: Vic Wilson, PI has a tough case involving murder and the supernatural! Can a wacky psychic help uncover more clues and find the Burmese Falcon in this 1950’s detective story?

Return of the Ripper: Recently uncovered evidence might help finally identify fiendish serial killer Jack the Ripper! Earn your “Ripperologist” certification or die trying!

Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt: Fun for kids and adults! Help find Blackbeard’s hidden treasure! Become a pirate too!

More shows include Edgar Allan Poe, The Mummy’s Curse, Dracula and Sherlock Holmes! We can even create a custom show just for you!

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