The Mummy's Curse

Our strange tale begins not in the arid deserts of Egypt and the home of the Pharaoh, but over two thousand miles away in Blackpool, the popular seaside resort on the east coast of England. This booming Victorian holiday retreat with its fortune tellers, public houses, trams, fish & chip shops and theaters was and still is home to one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions – the Pleasure Beach.

This strange and macabre desecration has created a legacy of dreadful foreboding!


The magical relic has exchanged hands numerous times since then, moving from town to town, city to city, country to country. It is almost as if the power it holds is overwhelming and those who acquire the artefact cannot bear the responsibility of the arcane knowledge it possesses for long.

We do not own Skurot but like others, we are entrusted with its safe keeping for someone who needs to temporarily distance themselves from the burden such knowledge creates. Which is why, this evening, you are able to witness the power of Skurot for yourselves…


Do you have what it takes?

Guests will uncover artifacts from a private collection of a local businessman and Egyptology professor who recently passed under mysterious circumstances. Was it the Pharaoh’s Curse?

  • Uncover clues and study ancient artifacts!
  • Be mystified by the powers of the Head of Prophecy!
  • Study a map of Ancient Egypt and defeat the Curse of the Pharaoh!
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