Titanic Murder Mystery in Baltimore

Over one hundred years ago several suicides and accidental deaths took place that puzzled detectives and the public alike. But were they really suicides? If not, who were responsible for these vicious acts? How are these deaths connected to the Titanic disaster months after the fateful voyage? The guests thought they were there to see a lecture on the Spiritualist Movement, a time when the Spiritualist thought they could talk… Read More »Titanic Murder Mystery in Baltimore

Vince Wilson is Baltimore’s Premiere Magician and Mystery Performer

Vince Wilson is a Master Hypnotist, skilled mentalist and illusionist with over two decades of experience and a lifetime of interest in magic, myth and history. Vince can provide almost any type of experience for your entertainment needs!


Vince Wilson’s unique illusions are original and amazing! Vince creates magic used by other magicians around the world!


Magic & Murder by Vince Wilson are unlike any Murder Mysteries you have ever seen! Great for events, parties and team building!


Vince’s original mentalism show will make you doubt your senses as he seemingly reads minds, predicts events and talks to ghosts

Watch Vince perform “live” on WBAL!

Vince makes regular appearances in Baltimore at Poe’s Magic Theatre! See him perform magic, mentalism, hypnosis and one of his popular Murder Mystery Shows!



  • The Discovery Channel
  • Destination America
  • NatGeo
  • The Travel Channel
  • Local and national TV
  • Podcasts
  • Radio shows, both local and national
  • Newspapers including the Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, Washington Post and more
  • Wired Magazine, Ghost Magazine, Baltimore Magazine

Available for Corporate & Private Shows

Where to get a great magician? Right here! Vince Wilson has performed all over the US and the UK! He specialized in hypnosis, mentalism and storytelling magic. How good are the Murder Mysteries? Great! Always 5 star reviews and affordable too! More interactive than most with a very unique spin! Can I improve business in the off season? YES! Vince has been a shore way of getting customers in seats when business is slowing down.

Poe’s Magic Theatre

A new magic venue has opened in Baltimore! I will be hosting shows there at least twice a month. Sometimes more! We had a great grand opening on June 1st with Alain Nu – The Man Who Knows! I hope you will come visit us at Poe’s Magic as we host the best magicians on Earth! Well, at least the ones that stop by about twice a month. 😁

Black Cat in Top Hat Mystery

Several friends and fellow mystery performers have received these cards this past week. Are more on the way to more people? What do they mean? No return address and no additional information. It seems there is a coded message at the bottom of every one which a few people have deciphered. But there are no additional clues.