The Most Unique Murder Mysteries in the World!

Most Murder Mysteries are plays. Entertaining? Sure. Vince Wilson takes the Murder Mystery to another level as an interactive experience!

Ghosts & Murder!

Believe in the impossible!

  • The TItanic Connection: Vince will help you solve the mysterious deaths of 5 people who managed to survive the Titanic disaster only to die later that year!
  • Murder in Noir: Vic Wilson, PI has a tough case involving murder and the supernatural! Can a wacky psychic help uncover more clues and find the Burmese Falcon in this 1950’s detective story?
  • Return of the Ripper: Recently uncovered evidence might help finally identify fiendish serial killer Jack the Ripper! Earn your “Ripperologist” certification or die trying!
  • Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt: Fun for kids and adults! Help find Blackbeard’s hidden treasure! Become a pirate too!

More shows include Edgar Allan Poe, The Mummy’s Curse, Dracula and Sherlock Holmes! We can even create a custom show just for you!

The Titanic Connection

They survived the sinking to die later that year! My most popular show!

Return of the Ripper

Can you solve a mystery that has waiting since 1888 to solve?

The Ghost of Sherlock

Learn the real story of Holmes! Be the detective!

The Death of Poe

In 1849, Edgar Allan Poe died under mysterious circumstances! What happened?

Murder in Noir

1950’s Murder Mysteries might be a trope now, but we still love detective noir!

Dracula's Descendant

Someone in the room is a child of Dracula!

Faery Tales to Tell in the Dark

Spooky tales of elves and fairy creatures!

Blackbeard's Ghost

A family friendly treasure hunt!

Ghosts of Christmas

A Christmas Carol and MURDER!

Curse of the Mummy

Can you survive the Pharaoh's Curse?
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