Murder in Noir

1950’s Murder Mysteries might be a trope now, but we still love detective noir!

A murder has taken place and there are not enough clues for even the best detective in the city to solve the mystery. Even worse, this gumshoe is being followed around by so-called psychic medium who thinks she’s in communication with the victims! As if he didn’t have enough problems!

In a tale straight of Hollywood films of the 1950’s, guests will look for clues as they follow Vic Wilson, PI.


McGuffin has been murdered. His will is missing and also his most prized possession – the legendary Burmese Falcon! During the course of the evening we must find out who killed McGuffin and where is the Falcon. A private detective and wacky psychic medium must contact the spirit of McGuffin before his estate is claimed by the banks and the Burmese Falcon lost forever!

Mr. McGuffin acquired the Falcon a few years ago in Istanbul (not Constantinople) from a disgraced Russian General who had no idea of its value. At some point McGuffin became aware that the Russian general had leaked his name and that others were not only onto the location of the “dingus”, but also that his life was in danger.


Do you have what it takes?

Treachery and intrigue is in every new clue as the evening progresses. Strange things begin to occur as the weird goes up to 11! Vic is on edge as he tries to put together the strangest mystery he has ever come across!

  • Find clues!
  • Help “channel the spirits”!
  • Show your detective skills as you figure out the killer’s identity!
  • Humor and thrills await you!
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