Faery Tales to Tell in the Dark

In the past, myth and reality were on in the same! Join Vince Wilson as he explores the legends and folklore of elves, trolls, mermaids, and leprechauns! 

The Mystery

Today we think of the Fairy Folk as funny little cartoon characters. However, in the times of our ancestors, the people who lived in the woods and hills and the deepest and darkest parts of the world were, more often than not, not so cute and funny.

Every culture in the world spoke of mystical beings that would trick and deceive we mortals. Sometimes it was simply mischief and other times deadly!


Do you have what it takes?

  • Learn of the Changeling! An elven creature that replaces human children in their crib!
  • A cursed change purse seems to be endless in its fortune, but brings only misery to its owner!
  • Play a game once popular with the royal family in an elvish kingdom. Not for mortals!
  • See a fairy encased in amber! Is she still alive and merely awaiting the chance to escape?
  • Hear about what happens when you foolishly step into a fairy circle!
  • Were the Cottington fairies real?
  • A mischievous leprechaun may interrupt the performance at any moment!

Join host Vince Wilson in an exciting adventure into magic and mystery! Fairies are real!

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