Death by “Occult”

Only 42 days ago a man’s body was found decapitated here at the hotel. His name was Helmut Blasco, a respected investigator of the occult.

Blasco was assisting the FBI in a local case involving a mysterious cult known as the Ordo Templi Sanguis.

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The OTS has been seemingly involved in multiple homicides in the US and Europe. Blasco could never have known he was going to be included in those statistics. Blasco was investigating another murder taken in the same location from 84 days ago. He was following the patterns and predicted that the cult was using rituals borrowed from a Satanic order from decades past and would need to return to the scene 42 days after the murder to complete the ceremony. The FBI did not take the claim seriously so Blasco staked out the the crime scene on his own and was caught by OTS members.

Now you must continue Blasco’s investigation! Be warned, the OTS is still in the area!

Before you can continue, go to the murder scene on the 3rd Floor elevator lobby at the Ocean Dunes side at 11:30 PM Friday. The next clue is planted there…

Protected: The Ghost of Blasco
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