Dracula's Descendant

A series of murders have been reported around the country. A serial killer with a terrible thirst! Paranormalist Vince Wilson has lured the fiend to your event! The “Dhampir” must be destroyed! 


Beware the descendant of Count Dracula! “Dracula’s Descendant” focuses on the idea that Dracula was real and Bram Stoker had in fact published the actual letters of the peoples involved as a novel. During the evening we will try to reveal the descendant of Dracula  with artifacts, clues left by Stoker and Dr. Van Helsing! It should be enough to make your blood run cold!

Do you have what it takes?

  • View artifacts from Van Helsing’s personal collection!
  • See actual Vampire Hunting Kits!
  • Hold the Skull of Dracula!
  • Witness paranormal phenomena!
  • Learn the secrets of those who hunt supernatural threats like vampires!
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