Ghosts of the Titanic at DiFebo’s

Over one hundred years ago several suicides and accidental deaths took place that puzzled detectives and the public alike. But were they really suicides? If not, who were responsible for these vicious acts? How are these deaths connected to the Titanic disaster months after the fateful voyage?

Riles evidence clip



The lovely Helen Trebuchet. How did she really die?

The guests thought they were there to see a lecture on the Spiritualist Movement, a time when the Spiritualist thought they could talk to the recently departed! Instead, they and their hosts, The Magic and Murder, Co., lead you on a spiritual journey into the unknown in order to solve a murder from more than ten decades ago!

When you are there you will have to decide for yourself, what is real and what is illusion?


These four wealthy men (multimillionaires!) died within four days of each other. Buried in the news during the time of the White Star investigation, their story has been lost to history… Until now!

Guests will be lead from each room to the next in search of clues left by the spirits of the past. Clues to the murderer of a young woman (and perhaps more still!) will be revealed each step of the way until one of the guests is able to look to within for the answer!

Do you have what it takes?

– Look for clues and find all the suspects photos from 1912!
– Commune with the spirit of a murdered young woman!
– All this and more!

Helen's Diary excerpt

An excerpt from the diary of New York socialite Helen Trebuchet.

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