Saturday Night with HH Holmes

So, recently we added a Saturday Night only option to our weekend in Chicago investigating the HH Holmes and Jack the Ripper murders. Jeff Mudgett and I will be debating some interesting theories and having fun to boot! Then someone asked, “what would this cost if I did something like this myself?” Let’s say you wanted to do something like Saturday night 4/14 all by yourself. I am going to break it down with minimum averages per person:

A lecture with Jeff Mudgett: $50-100
A lecture with Vince Wilson: $50-100
A Murder Mystery (without dinner): $25-40
A professional Ghost Hunt of the Congress Hotel: $25-50
HH Holmes Seance: $25-50
Time-line regression hypnosis – $100-200

Total cost if you planned this yourself: $275-540

With us? $100!

I used minimums too! Lectures with authors can be hundreds of dollars and hypnosis can cost $200 an hour!

How are we affording this again?

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