Legends and Fairy Tales

One morning a herd-boy, and a little girl, his sister, who were lounging beside one of the cottages, when just as the shadow of the garden-dial had fallen on the line of noon, they saw a long cavalcade ascending out of the ravine, through the wooded hollow. It winded among the knolls and bushes, and turning round the northern gable of the cottage, beside which the sole spectators of the scene were stationed, began to ascend the eminence towards the south. The horses were shaggy diminutive things and the riders small creatures, attired in antique jerkins of plaid, long grey clokes, and little red caps, from under which their wild uncombed locks shot out over their cheeks and foreheads. The boy and his sister stood gazing in utter dismay and astonishment, as rider after rider passed the cottage and disappeared among the brushwood, which at that period covered the hill, until at length the entire rout, except the last rider, who lingered a few yards behind the others, had gone by. “What are you, little manie? and where are ye going?” inquired the boy, his curiosity getting the better of his fears and his prudence. “Not of the race of Adam,” said the creature, turning for a moment in its saddle, “the people of peace shall never more be seen in Scotland.”

In days gone by, people from every culture and in every land believed in the “little people”. Sometimes good, sometime evil and mostly mischievous., the People of Faery (or fairy if you prefer) enchanted with magic and wonder. However, it was important for any mortal to be careful when crossing paths with wee folk or the human sized cousins. A leprechaun’s gold might seem enticing, but these meddling elvish beings are always one step ahead and 10 times more clever. If you hear music in the forest, do not partake in the Fairy Ring! Years may go by before you know it! A Kobold might seem like a harmless and helpful spirit until you forget to leave some scraps for it to eat. Then all Hell will break lose as he sours your milk and makes ruin on your home! Most of all, beware of death omens like the Banshee! Her wails will fortel your death.

Fairy Tales to Tell in the Dark

Is it possible that fairies and elves were real? Could their magic return? Artifacts from the past will shed light and the true and dark tales of myths and legend. Learn of curses and fairy abductions, of death omens and changelings. See fairy magic come to life and in an epic storytelling setting. But beware! This is no cartoon!


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