Magic & Murder Mystery Weekend with Jeff Mudgett in Chicago

The weekend of Friday the 13th, 2018 in Chicago will feature an event of epic proportions! Meet author and co-star of American Ripper Jeff Mudgett as he and guests try to contact the spirits of the victims of HH Holmes and Jack the Ripper!

  • Travel back in time with hypnosis to visit the Ripper’s last victim!
  • Seances may help you or make things a little more dangerous!
  • Handle items from 19th Century England!
  • Five guests will play the part of the victims of Jack the Ripper in the thrilling conclusion!
  • Go on ghost tours of Chicago at the sites of Holmes’ old stomping grounds!
  • See never before viewed evidence!
  • Ghost hunt at the historic and haunted Congress Hotel in Chicago!

Three days and two nights (Friday and Saturday afternoon and evenings and the big reveal Sunday  morning) of ghost hunting, murder mystery, tours of haunted Chicago, never before evidence, special guest appearances (?), plus much, much more!

Many Murder Mystery Dinners are $50-$80 for an hour of entertainment! The deal you’re getting for the weekend is murder!

A story straight From Hell!

Murder mystery weekend does not include hotel rooms. However, the Congress is offering discounted rooms for attendees.


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