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In an effort to constantly update and develop our resources and ability to perform the very best and original content in Murder Mystery Theater, we have been working diligently on updating out website with new and exciting information!

Dracula’s Descendant

Count Dracula
The mystery of Dracula and his descendant

We just redesigned our Mysteries page with new artwork and teasers for upcoming new mysteries! We are currently working on a new Vampire story based on the descendants of Count Dracula! “Dracula’s Descendant” will focus on the idea that Dracula was real and Bram Stoker had in fact published the actual letters of the peoples involved as a novel. During the evening we will try to reveal the descendant of Dracula  with artifacts, clues left by Stoker and Dr. VanHelsing! It should be enough to make your blood run cold!

Keep watching for more mystery

We will be adding more information as it comes along very soon. Magic and Murder Mysteries is always on the lookout for new locations and new stories that are fun and exciting.

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