Vince Wilson is a World-Renowned Magicianan Award-Winning Actora TV Personalityan Engaging Storytelleran Experienced Speaker

The Mystery of Vince Wilson

Charming and elegant marvels

From Magic to Murder Mysteries at corporate events and private parties, Vince is the #1 choice for your entertainment!

Now performing top tier VIRTUAL SHOWS!


Vince Wilson’s unique illusions are original and amazing! Vince creates magic used by other magicians around the world!


Vince’s original mentalism show will make you doubt your senses as he seemingly reads minds, predicts events and talks to ghosts


Magic & Murder by Vince Wilson are unlike any Murder Mysteries you have ever seen! Great for events, parties and team building!

Stunning and sophisticated mystery entertainment.


Vince has decades of experience in entertainment!


Vince has performed in hundreds of shows and for thousands of people over the years!


Five Star reviews and positive feedback keeps him going!


Vince's ticketed events have brought in incredible revenue streams over the years!


What else can He do?

Psychic entertainment, palm readings, hypnosis and more!

Started in the 19th Century, these spooky events are better than anything you have seen on a TV ghost hunting show! Vince is a real expert on Seances!

Vince is a master hypnotist and mentalist! His hypnosis shows will have the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter!

Popular from the 1940’s until the 1970’s, these madcap shows are making a comeback! 


Vince Wilson, CH

Book amazing!

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