I make many of these items myself and others I have printed overseas, In other words, you may have to wait for your items. However, you are getting the best quality I have to offer. I do not have tons of space for storing inventory nor unlimited funding for purchasing said inventory. That is why expected delivery is anywhere from 2-6 weeks. So, once again, please be patient, the items are on the way.

Thank you kindly, Vince Wilson

Ripper Suspects


Ripper Suspects rippersuspects

Kodminski, Tumblety, Chapman, Maybrick, Prince Victor, Cream, Druitt, Sickert and HH Holmes! These are the most popular suspects in the Jack the Ripper murders.

These are the Ripper Suspect Cards. Ungimmicked cabinet card replicas on high quality stock. Each card is 3.5" x 5.75" in size with an aged look. They can easily be augmented at home for a PATEO effect or other illusions. Perfect for your Jack the Ripper show or a private collection!

$30 In stock
Shipping US (1) International (6)
Ripper Suspects Ripper Suspects Ripper Suspects Ripper Suspects



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