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Ocean of Tears



In 1912 the great ocean disaster involving the luxury liner RMS Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean. In the confusion of the initial panic, lifeboats were deployed with only a few passengers onboard even though most could hold as many 60 on average.

One such lifeboat had only 8 passengers on it. As they floated away during the final moments of the doomed vessel, they heard a cry for help in the waters. They swung around and pulled a lone passenger from the freezing Atlantic. At the arrival of the new passenger, there were now 3 members of each passenger class aboard the lifeboat. This new passenger, saved from an untimely death, would live for many years later.

Three volunteers are assigned the roles of First, Second and Third Class passengers. Their chooses seemingly show free will and yet... The chooses they make get the right answer every time! WHO WAS THE PASSENGER IN THE WATER??

This effect is easy and self-working. As long as you follow the super-simple instructions, it will always give the same results!


  • 9 custom survivor cards (300gsm casino quality card stock aqueous coated (smooth finish)), or, 9 hand-made cabinet-style cards
  • A special Titanic Ticket
  • A Boarding Pass with the big reveal!
  • Instructions in PDF form
$50 In stock
Ocean of Tears Ocean of Tears Ocean of Tears



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